Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Blogger Alert!!

Recently I have been looking at many peoples Blogs and I love them! When I go on Facebook I see their updates. I have been wanting to start one for a while and since I have been off this week I have decided to do it now! 

I see a Blog as a kind of journal! It has dates, memories, thoughts and pictures all in one! Little things I notice or that I like everyday I wouldnt necessarily write in my journal, yet I would write on a Blog (which I like the idea of!)

I decided to name my Blog 'Jumping on the Bandwagon' because I feel I am the last person do a Blog but thought while everyone else is doing one, I may as well do one too!


  1. Yeah Maghan! Blogging is such a great way to keep in touch. Can't wait to hear how you are doing!

  2. yay! I love blogging and so excited that you've come to the dark side!! love you and miss you tons!!