Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Little Danbo!

A few weeks ago it was such a horrible saturday afternoon, it was raining practically ALL day! So I decided I would do a little craft (which took longer than I thought) BUT the result was worth it! For a few years now I have seen this little dude who is made out of an Amazon box. I thought it was just an animation but its a real thing! The pictures are just so so cute! 

Well I found out you can buy 'Danbo' but only from Japan and its from £30-£40 so I thought I would make my own! I found a YouTube video and a link to print him off. So I cut him out, folded him and glued him together and this is my result....


Monday, 18 July 2011

South Lakes Zoo

Last Saturday me and my family visited South Lakes Zoo.
Its such a fantastic day out for any age and especially animal lovers! I went for the first time in September last year for Chris' birthday, we had such a good time and was an amazing experience. I think its quite cheap (12.50p for an adult) saying you have a full day to wander around. Nearly every hour you can go and listen to a talk about the specific animal then watch it feed and even sometimes you can feed them yourself! We fed the kangroos, wallabies, emus, lemurs and giraffes! 

This is without a zoom on the camera! They were really this close!

I learnt that day that Giraffes are very placid animals, the reason there eyes are so big and black is because they have in built sunglasses because of the sun (makes sense!) and that they hardly ever sleep! They have like max 10 mins a day!

I was gutted last time I went because I missed the Sloths! I asked the woman where the sloths were but because they were asleep I could hardly see them. The woman was so friendly and she opened door and woke one of them up so I could its face properly and later on I watched it climb over to get something to eat. There were 2 sloths and they were called Stella and Stanley! They were both on the opposite ends of the area and she said they very rarely see each other and briefly pass each other when on the ropes! Ha Ha! Its quite sad really. 
My favourite animals are definitley the monkeys! Just everything about them make me laugh! They are soooo cute. I loved the gibbons. I could actually sit and watch them all day. My dream job would be to work with them!
Anyways heres some other pictures from the day.

Friday, 8 July 2011


I have had the Instagram app on my iPhone for aaggeess but never really used it. One of my fav celebs Kat Von D uses it all the time and I decided to look at it a bit more and .............. I actually REALLY love it!! It is alot of trial and error but the pictures look amazing afterwards! Here are a couple of tests I did that I really like!

South Shields Beach
Tree Huggers

If anyone has an iPhone I recommend downloading it, especially because it is FREE!!! So even if you dont like it, you are not losing out!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Blogger Alert!!

Recently I have been looking at many peoples Blogs and I love them! When I go on Facebook I see their updates. I have been wanting to start one for a while and since I have been off this week I have decided to do it now! 

I see a Blog as a kind of journal! It has dates, memories, thoughts and pictures all in one! Little things I notice or that I like everyday I wouldnt necessarily write in my journal, yet I would write on a Blog (which I like the idea of!)

I decided to name my Blog 'Jumping on the Bandwagon' because I feel I am the last person do a Blog but thought while everyone else is doing one, I may as well do one too!